California has “progressively” become a rogue State instituting its own laws and regulations in direct conflict with the laws of the United States and the boundaries of the United States Constitution. California’s “super majority” of Social Progressive Liberals have taken upon themselves to force compliance to their own form of social governance without the pen of the people and in violation to the United States Constitution.  “Due process” has been taken from the people and the use of legislative powers to create and enact unlawful and infringing laws has passed the point of gross criminal violations to the United States Constitution and the Republic for which it represents. State officials have exceeded their authority supported by an ever growing citizenry of those looking for legalization of radical and alternative social practices as well as government provisions of cradle to grave care. In short, “socialism”. The powerful GLBT community and the incredible mass of Mexican citizens unlawfully breeching American boarders seeking California’s protection from Federal authorities has united with the young attending State schools where they are subjected to lies, distortions and misrepresentations of American history, the founding of our Republic, the Constitution and its principle purpose of independence with limited government and the Republican form of governance.

This social movement is inherently illegal in that; it cannot even exist without violating the United States Constitution, The BoR and both State and Federal laws. With this knowledge, we are left with these facts:

The law, the United States Constitution and the expectant duty of American citizens to protect the United States and its Constitution are all on the side of Constitutionally compliant law abiding citizens. We the people, the just people have not just the lawful right to restore our State, but the expectation to do so.

This unlawful social movement is more than just breaking a few laws to satisfy the wants of a rogue State and its noncompliant citizens, it is an act of war, domestic war. Ignoring the Constitution and creating a false narrative of its principle purpose is the goal of those who seek to install a Socialist Union replacing the United States Constitution, the evidence is clear, very clear.

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When those we elect break the law, their oath and infringe upon the rights of the people, those elected officials are nothing more than political criminals.

When those we elect ignore those political criminals, a unity of corruption is born.

When a political union of corruption exists, then so does tyranny.

When tyranny exists, the expectation of the people is clear.

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